Available courses

Learn how to navigate, use, and administer Patton Cloud. This course includes screencasts on the various features included in the Standard, Advanced, and Professional subscription plans.

Learn how to use a Patton Web Wizard to walk through the setup and configuration of a SmartNode gateway for Microsoft Teams.

This self-qualification test is a pre-requisite to attending Patton Academy's Voice Certification Training. Your test results will indicate whether you possess the background knowledge required to successfully complete the training and pass the final exam.  

This test contains questions from three areas: 1) TCP/IP,  2) VoIP and  3) PSTN/POTS. The TCP/IP and  VoIP chapters contain 10 questions each, while the PSTN/POTS chapter contains 5 questions.  If you score at least 60% of the total possible points, you pass the test with our recommendation to enroll in the Voice Certification Training course. 

Welcome to an Introduction to Patton Electronics. Patton Academy courses typically include training videos, hands-on exercises, and quizzes. This introduction course consists of three video sessions. There are no quizzes so you can relax! This icon SCORM package icon represents a link to each training video. 
In the three sessions you will learn:

  • The history and values of Patton Electronics
  • The capabilities of Patton
  • An introduction to the SmartNode product line.
  • A brief introduction to Patton's other product lines.
  • A comparison between SmartWare and Trinity OS 
  • Recommendations on what sessions should be taken for the new Trinity Certification

The Patton Certification Training Program provides training for Configuration, Administration and Maintenance of all Patton products running the Trinity OS. Patton Voice Certification consists of four modules of three sessions each. The first module is an overview of Patton Electronics and our Trinity platform. The remainder of the Voice modules cover System Operation, IP Data Basics, and Voice Basics. Persons passing the course become Patton Certified Voice Professionals.

This course teaches the basic foundation needs to be a Web Wizard Creator and prepares the student to take the Creator Certification quiz.

The Advanced Transmission course provides advanced training beyond basic Voice Certification. Three sessions cover various topics including DSL connections and concepts, as well as configuring both ends of a connection. After this course you will be able to configure DSL.

The Advanced Voice course provides advanced training beyond basic Voice Certification. Three sessions cover various topics including enhanced call routing settings, routing and mapping tables, and call routing services. After this course you will be able to configure voice features and voice settings.

The Advanced IP Data course provides advanced training beyond basic IP Data. Six sessions cover various topics including SNTP and SNMP settings, setting up an access control list, configuring and debugging a DHCP server, and QoS. Features that will be new to SmartWare users include stageful firewall services, ACL's and LINK Scheduler, and bridging and switching functionality. After this course you will be able to configure security, traffic shaping, and service settings.